The Darci Seipke Benefit Foundation was formed in 2007 to help pay medical expenses associated with a kidney transplant.

We were founded by family and friends of Darci Seipke, a 31 year old resident of Michigan, who in 2007 was told, that after 24 years of diabetes, her kidneys were failing and she needed a kidney transplant.

She was put on the organ transplant list through William Beaumont Hospital in May of 2007.  In October of 2008, she was added to the University of Michigan's list for both a kidney and pancreas.  She was lucky enough to receive both organs on February 11, 2009.

While Medicare and Medicaid paid for the surgery there are lifelong expenses associated with the anti-rejection drugs.  Insurance only pays for 3 years then she must find alternate help.   We strive to creat a fund that will assist her with these expenses.

Donations of any size are accepted.  If interested in sending a donation see our CONTACT US page for the address.  You can also help by participating in one of our events.   For more information on transplants click here.

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